Our Journey

Reiki chakra infused moon charged essential oils, herbal apothecary goods, candles & eclectic tribal accessories to adorn yourself with

How we select our supply goods. The color combinations come from the Worlds’ palate, the environment around us- Mostly New Mexico. We combine this with the feelings and emotions of our life to create the designs and products we offer. We have travelled widely and strive to draw a great deal from the flavors of many countries and cultures. Incorporating and emphasizing the healing power of colors and materials are of great importance in every design and art works that we create.

The color & material works to connect us with ancient times- perpetuating our inner spaces (minds) with outer space (universe). We create pieces with the purpose of arousing the senses- tactile, nomadic, visual; all of these encircling the wearer or the home with love that we feel for each one….

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